First blog post

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My brain is not on my side sometimes. I’m a lost cause.

I’ve been avoiding this. I want to do this so bad but I’m afraid of judgment. I’d rather not be judged for what I say and do or have done. Then I realize even an opinion can be a judgement in a sort of way and I like opinions. So why does an opinion not bother me but I am afraid of being judged? Are they not really two in the same, what’s wrong with my brain?? Go ahead and voice your opinion on this… but don’t judge me. I’m a confused soul. But aren’t we all?

My Reasons

I have reasons for this blog, the main reason is because I’ve become a reseller and heard that a blog is a great way to communicate and put myself out there in this Internet world. Another reason is to motivate myself when it comes to my new job of reselling. I’m hoping if I make a promise to myself and it’s in front of all of you, I will be able to keep my promise to myself, and achieve even more this way. Not starting any promises yet! But they’re coming!

Who I am now.

I took myself away from society, away from people, party’s, BBQ’s, holiday gatherings, almost everything. My sister passed away in September coming up on 7 years ago now, things nor myself have been the same since her passing. She was my only sister, my best friend, truly a part of me and I did not realize how much a part of me until she was gone. My happy went away for awhile. I still have 1 brother, he took all this very hard as well, we were all pretty tight the 3 of us. I was known as a gal that laughed at EVERYTHING literally everything. Laughter just didn’t come that easy anymore after she died. It’s weird how one persons death, just one person close to you can make such a devastating impact on your life.

Everything was already in a new transitioning period in my life. You see 7 months before my sister passed I had moved back to my home state after running away from problems and moving to a different state for 5 years. There in an already rocky marriage of 14 years it finally ended. This did not make me sad though, it was something I’d prepared myself for for about 10 years. It was something that needed to be done for me to have gotten here where I am at now, which is the best place I’ve ever been In my whole life! My love, my sanctuary, my life, right here in my little home with the best thing that has ever happen to me aside from my kiddos! With my man in shining armor! The love of my life Daniel. Without this man I may not be here, and for that there is nothing I can give but the most loyal stand by your man woman I could ever be. I have your back always my love. He is the true love of my life and has always been. Oh and he’s no stranger, he was a surprise from my past, I never in a million years thought I would be so lucky to hear from again. From that day on we’ve never spent a day apart.

Who I am now is not the person I was 10 years ago, and who I am now will not be the same person I will be 10 years. I will be even better!!

I’m trying to figure out where I should start with my blog

I don’t know where to begin, I also don’t trust myself and I am scared my emotions may come out on here by accident, because the fact that I am so bluntly honest and change my mind a lot. So bare with me on this journey called blogging, I’ll get better with time just as I do with everything else in life. My goal is to keep this blog positive and to use it as motivation for myself! Have a rad rest of the day!